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Oakview Dorper Stud is about breeding dorpers for all of the right reasons.   Our decision to select the dorper breed was based around finding a breed that was easy care, hardy and had the potential to be profitable.  After many months of research and scrutiny of other sheep breeds, we determined the Dorper breed to be best suited to our lifestyle.
Why Select Dorpers?  The main reason to start any business is to make make money and dorpers easily have the potential to do this with much less labour input than most other sheep breeds.
What's So Good about the Dorper?
  • No Shearing, Crutching or Mulesing.
  • Strong maternal instincts, they will nurture their lambs even in tough conditions.
  • Extremely fertile with a high rate of twins, they are very capable of lambing  3 times in 2 years
  • Hardiness- they will adapt to almost any climate and flourish even under tough conditions
  • Non-Selective grazers and efficent converters of fodder to meat.
  • Very appealing to look at, all farmers want to look out in thier paddocks and be proud of what they have acheived.
Advice to new breeders
Whether you want to start a stud or breed commercial sheep, the most important thing is to ensure you dont make bad decisions.  With new animal breeds it is important that you do your homework so that your hard earned money is spent wisely. 
Before you start buying your first sheep, log on to the Dorper Society website and learn more about the breed and what characteristics are true to type.  Ring some of the stud breeders in your area and if the opportunity is available visit their stud.  Most stud breeders are generally happy to show you their stock and  will give you advice on what type of animals to buy.
If you decide you want to breed stud animals then we strongly suggest that you invest in some eduacation about the breed.  The Dorper Sheep Society of Australia (DSSA) generally advertises Dorper courses and feild days on their website.  Carolyn and I  have completed our junior dorper course and I have gone on to successfully complete my first seniors course.  The information obtained and learnt during the these courses was invaluable and have enabled us to better select animals to improve the quality of our stock.
South African breeders use the KOS principal to ensure success is acheived on their farms.  The principle is based around three words identifing the key criteria for succes.
K - Knowledge
Build knowledge about the breed and what is true to type, The South African standard is quite comprehensive and clearly defines what is acceptable in the breed.
O - Organisation
Plan the mangament of your operation, successful farmers have clear plans that define the breeding program, health management, stock rotation and crop/fodder management.
S - Selection
Selection identifes the application of the first principles,  If your knowledge and organisation is not up to scratch you will see this come through in the type and condition of the animals in the flock.  Select carfully and base your selection on the "Breed Standard of Excellence"  this difines what the dorper should look like.
By participating in a Dorper course you will learn alot, particularly about the "Breed Standard of Excellence".  Even if you have been a sheep breeder for years, I will gaurentee that you will learn something of value about Dorpers in this course.  Knowledge about the breed will help you better select your stock, as a breeder the stock is your most important asset so select wisely.
Dorpers are very smart sheep, you will find that once you start breeding and working with them they are a joy to be around.
Good luck with your breeding and we hope you enjoy Dorpers as much as we do.
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